Thursday, January 21, 2010

Truly Free

What a title for this blog, I mean when seriously when does a person become "Truly Free"?. If you sit and think about this question, it could have many answers and many different directions to it. For example one person could say well you're truly free when you have accepted god and another person could say you're truly free when you die.

Now in true aspects of both outlooks they are both right, because that is there opinion or belief of being "Truly Free" is. Now with that said I have a way of looking outside the box at things and now with things how they are now a days, so ya welcome to the USRO you ask what is that. Stands for "United Socialist Republic of Obama".

Now did i just get that right that with society now a days that the "Truly Free" saying has no true baring on life. Me hearing that is like a saying that's just so far out the box now a days it has no valued meaning. Yes cause of what I think and believe I should "Truly" have a sense of freedom, but with society now a days...hardly true.

So readers you define "Truly Free" in society now a days for yourself cause there are supposed so many "freedoms" now a days that putting "Truly Free" has gone from a real life decent statement to a statement of political bull crap.

~The Bard~

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dysfunctional Poetry

You may ask what is that, well let me explain what i mean by "Dysfunctional Poetry" what I mean by this is things in life. Life, Society, And Love are all form of this type of poetry and i have lived in this realm forever especially when it came to love.

I'm not a bad person by any means nor am i perfect but i do know this much about me, I am very limited in a lot of things but i've always considered that i give my heart fully to people I'm in relationships with. But the key thing here is that I always get kicked or beat down (figuratively speaking) all because i supposedly never do enough or i don't play by others rules perfectly (Sorry people I'm no conformist).

My true question is to everyone when is enough, enough in the name of Love? I mean when do we really finally step back and go Woo they have a valid point as well as do I. When does the arguing, bickering, and fighting stop over small things and when does happiness really happen?

Like seriously when does it all stop i have spent more time and energy in the name of love trying to defend a relationship, then actually spending time loving the other person..that is majorly sad. I have some majorly horrible things happen to me in my relationships as well. I mean I'm done defending, i'm done with the middle school BS attitudes, and I'm almost done with people not wanting me around. 3 ex's and i know one truly wants me and gives a care about me...the others i don't know what to think now a days...Got one that confuses the heck outta me and the other well...different story.

But seriously people when is enough just enough in life, society, and love. When do you just go ok that's it i'm done with the same old BS and make something new happen?

~The Bard~

Let's Take A Look Here

bard (bärd)


  1. an ancient Celtic poet and singer of epic poems, who accompanied himself on the harp
  2. any of various other national minstrels or epic poets
  3. a poet

tale (tāl)


  1. something told or related; relation or recital of happenings
    1. a story or account of true, legendary, or fictitious events; narrative
    2. a literary composition in narrative form
So now let us take a look at this in perspective a "Bard's Tale" is a musicians story in a short wrap of things. But with that being said i also think of "Bard's" as people who have something great and powerful or wonderful to say.

Yes as it says "Bard" is and old Celtic term used people think of the Celts as Pagans? Why in truth yes they were at one point in time when the old language was very fluent through out Ireland. But i was gone for 3 weeks and had an eye opening awakening of what i needed to do as of right now.

This was something i was like really this is what god is calling me to do right now and then i thought and prayed more on it and the clarity came to me on why it was me that was getting picked for this. I had finally got that cause of all my hard and rough times in my life and all the things that have happened to me in my life that this is why i needed to do this, I also believe that it is the way to help me finding peace in my life.

~The Bard~